Jarrod Davis

Full stack web engineer with a passion for user experience

About Me

Hey! I’m Jarrod Davis, a full stack developer and software engineer who enjoys building delightful experiences and helpful tools. I’ve worked with numerous languages, frameworks, and libraries, with a significant focus on command-line utilities and web applications (frontend and backend).

Here’s a sampling of the technologies I’ve worked with:

Below you can see more details of my professional and educational experience. You can also download my resume as a PDF. If you have an interesting project to work on, hire me on Upwork.



Freelance Software Engineer

November 2019 - Present

Various web development, software engineering, and scripting/automation projects

  • Identified and implemented solutions to resolve issues with an open source Jekyll site
  • Configured a reference full stack GraphQL project using React.js, Next.js, Auth0, Apollo, and Hasura
  • Developed a Python script to collect information from git repository commits into a CSV file for analysis
  • Investigated and fixed an issue with a Node.js script that uses Puppeteer to scrape data from a web page
  • Refactored that Node.js script to use the Jira Cloud REST APIs to generate CSV reports and upload them to Confluence Spaces
  • Created a Node.js script that uses the Screenshot Monitor and Jira Cloud REST APIs to generate Excel reports and upload them to Confluence Spaces
  • Developed AWS Lambda functions to receive webhooks, process data, and interact with Step Functions (for queuing/retry) and external REST APIs
  • Created a utility to automate system configuration management for Windows 10 machines
  • Updated a Java (Selenium and Azure Service Bus) app to run in Docker for usage in Azure Container Registry
  • Developed a Chrome extension to provide keyboard shortcuts for changing the active font color in Gmail's compose editor
  • Configured a boilerplate Craft CMS project in Docker using Docker Compose
  • Created a Cloudflare Worker using HTMLRewriter to manipulate text, anchor links, and images on-the-fly for a satirical news site
  • Investigated issues with server-side rendering deployment of a Firebase and Sapper site and provided guidance on alternative deployment strategies
  • Developed a script to convert Shopify blog entries to Markdown for a new Jekyll site
  • Created a custom Plex Media Server plugin/agent to match TV Show and Movie media to metadata from the MyDramaList.com API
  • Performed various administrative and data entry tasks
Core Languages
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Liquid (HTML templates)
  • Java
Development Tools
  • git (version control)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • GitLab
  • Docker and Docker Compose
  • webpack
  • Cloudflare Wrangler
  • Prettier
  • Gulp
  • AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model)
  • AWS CloudFormation Templates
  • Windows PowerShell
Frameworks and Libraries
  • Jekyll (static site generator)
  • React.js
  • Next.js (React framework)
  • Svelte and Sapper
  • Middy.js (AWS Lambda framework)
  • Apollo (GraphQL Client)
  • openpyxl (Excel library)
  • exceljs and SheetJS (Excel libraries)
  • Puppeteer
  • jQuery
  • Axios
  • unified.js (vfile, mdast/remark, and hast/rehype)
  • PowerShell Desired State Configuration
  • Selenium
  • Node.js (JavaScript runtime)
  • Hasura (GraphQL Server)
  • Auth0 (authentication service)
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • AWS Lambda Functions
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Container Registry
  • Cloudflare Workers
  • Chrome (browser extension platform)
  • Firebase (authentication, among services)
  • Plex Media Server (plugin/agent runtime and APIs)
Web APIs
  • Kreezalid REST API (v1)
  • Kreezalid Webhooks
  • Jira Cloud Platform REST API (v3)
  • Confluence Cloud REST API (v1)
  • Screenshot Monitor REST API (v2)
  • Shopify Storefront API
  • MyDramaList.com API

Axxess Technology Solutions

Senior Web Engineer

July 2016 - June 2018

Web Engineer

March 2015 - July 2016

HomeCare SaaS product for home care and private duty agencies

  • Maintained a full stack ASP.NET MVC 5 and JavaScript/jQuery web application
  • Introduced features into an existing complex codebase across the frontend, backend, and database
  • Participated in peer code reviews and quality assurance (QA) testing
  • Increased development efficiency through optimizations of engineering workflows
  • Defined and distributed a Docker Compose project for the backend’s data services for a consistent and always-available local development environment
  • Initiated the introduction of new technologies (including Vue.js) for major new features
  • Designed and developed a new ASP.NET Core API for retrieving and updating application data in coordination with mobile app engineers
  • Transitioned to the technical team lead role
  • Participated with project and product management in the refinement and prioritization of bug fixes, enhancements, and features
  • Managed deployments for multiple environments using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy
  • Integrated the product with multiple systems internal and external to the company
  • Onboarded and mentored new and existing team members
  • Wrote documentation for project setup, version control strategies, and deployment workflows
Core Languages
  • C#
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • SQL (MySQL)
Development Tools
  • git (version control)
  • Visual Studio 2013 and 2017
  • ReSharper
  • MSBuild
  • NuGet Package Manager
  • Docker and Docker Compose
  • npm and Yarn
  • webpack
  • Babel (modern JavaScript transpiler)
  • Sass (CSS preprocessor)
Frameworks and Libraries
  • .NET Framework
  • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
  • Hangfire (background job execution)
  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework Core
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Knockout.js
  • Vue.js
Additional Technologies
  • MongoDB
  • RabbitMQ
  • Couchbase
  • Redis


Frontend Developer Intern

January 2015 - March 2015

Internal tool for developers

  • Developed an internal tool used by developers
  • Python
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • git
  • PyCharm (IDE)
  • LESS
  • Django
  • Angular.js


Developer Intern (UI/UX Team)

September 2014 - December 2014

Multiple customer-facing web-based services for VoC (Voice of Customer) and EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management)

  • Assisted in the selection of the CSS preprocessor to include in an existing development environment
  • Integrated the Stylus CSS preprocessor into the existing build system
  • Investigated and fixed bugs of several JavaScript UI components
  • Utilized jQuery UI to create new widgets, including compositions of other widgets
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Perforce (version control)
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Stylus
  • Underscore.js
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI


Neumont College of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development

2012 - 2015

My education at Neumont provided key skills and experience ranging from hands-on learning with a variety of technologies to team-based projects, both on-campus and embedded within real-world companies.

Core Languages
  • Java
  • C#
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • ActionScript
Methodologies and Design Patterns
  • OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)
  • ReST (Representational State Transfer)
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern and Separation of Concerns
  • DI (Dependency Injection) and IoC (Inversion of Control)
  • Agile methodologies (including Scrum)
Development Tools
  • Unix-style command line (CLI)
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Eclipse (Java IDE)
  • IntelliJ and other JetBrains IDEs
  • npm
  • Grunt.js
  • Gulp.js
  • Adobe Flash
Backend Web Frameworks
  • J2EE (Java 2, Enterprise Edition)
  • TomEE (Tomcat for Java EE)
  • Express.js
  • Ruby on Rails
Frontend Web Frameworks
  • Angular.js
  • Ember.js
Frontend Libraries
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Box2D
  • CreateJS
Additional Technologies
  • node.js
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • WinForms
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • Microsoft XNA